Fall Riding

Victory Motorcycles just posted on Facebook about adding a windshield to your motorcycle so you can better enjoy fall riding.  While it cuts down on the wind, a windshield isn’t the only reason to get out and ride this fall. There’s the sunlight on your back and shoulders, the fresh breezes and, of course, the fall colors.

The colors here in Minnesota are delayed by a couple of weeks, thanks to the winter that lingered into … May. Ralph and I were in north central Minnesota last weekend, and the ash trees were the only yellow we saw. Poison ivy or Virginia creeper (who’s going to get close enough to find out which?) provided splashes of red. Otherwise, everything is still summer green.

The weather-guessers have already changed the weekend forecast from rain on Saturday to showers ending by early afternoon. In a couple more days, the rain may evaporate completely!

If you’re out riding on Saturday, stop in at Northway Sports for their fall open house. I’ll be there, selling and signing copies of Ride Minnesota.

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