Monthly Archives: December 2013

Googling Myself

Okay, I admit it. This is work-avoidance at its most digital. I was looking up information on an attorney in Texas and decided to see what comes up these days when my name is typed into Google. I found this blog, my website, mentions about organizations I belong to, references to my out-of-print books and this review of Ride Minnesota from Trolling further, I found myself in the newsletter of the Viking Chapter of the Antique Motorcycle Club of America. It’s nice to know my PR efforts yielded some fruit.

At -1 below zero, only a true nut would ride a motorcycle today (if it would even start! Ours is up on a stand for the winter.). It’s a good day to stay close to the fire (or the radiator, in our case) with hot chocolate and a book. Preferably one on motorcycling in Minnesota…

Need a REALLY last-minute Christmas gift? Instant delivery guaranteed.

RIDE-MN-Cover_WEBDesperate times call for desperate measures.  If you truly need a stocking stuffer for your biker buddy, visit and download a copy of Ride Minnesota for his or her Kindle.  It’s only $4.99, and Christmas delivery is guaranteed!

Merry Christmas!

Buttoned up and hunkered down

RIDE-MN-Cover_WEBIt’s been damned cold in Minnesota this past week. Snow and ice and sub-zero temperatures have definitely put a halt to motorcycling. Our Victory has been lovingly washed and polished and stored for the winter, its battery removed to a warm indoor place.  God knows when it will next cruise the highways and byways.

Now’s a good time to sit by the fire (or in our house, the radiator) and read. And what better book for a motorcyclist to read on a cold winter’s day than Ride Minnesota? The book is a great gift item — a stocking stuffer! — for the motorcyclist in your life.  And, from now until December 18, I will gladly sell you a signed copy for just $8! Talk about a cyber deal! That’s 20 percent off list, and unlike the one you can order from Amazon, it will be personally inscribed with the biker’s name and an appropriate message.

You have 10 days to take advantage of this offer. Why just 10 days? I gotta make a deal with Santa to pick it up and deliver it to you by Christmas!

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the biker who has everything, Ride Minnesota is it. Email me at the address below to order. And yes, I take credit cards.

Merry Christmas!