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Waco Paints Us All With a Bad Brush

“Ever since Marlon Brando appeared in “The Wild One”, people in leather jackets scare the hell out of the rest of the populace.”

What is it about Waco, Texas, anyway? First there was the standoff between the feds and the Branch Davidians in 1993. Now it’s the standoff between “outlaw” motorcycle clubs. That town sure seems to attract more than its share of trouble.

Senseless loss of life is saddening. But the perpetuation of the biker “bad guy” image is also disheartening. The actions of the testosterone-and-alcohol fueled few make trouble for the rest of us who just want to ride our motorcycles, feel the wind in our faces and enjoy all the great rides and scenery America has to offer.

Ever since Marlon Brando appeared in “The Wild One” back in 1953, people in leather jackets seem to scare the hell out of the rest of the populace. People stand aside when my husband walks by in his patch-adorned leather jacket. I was refused service Durango, Colorado because of mine. If we’re traveling without hotel reservations (which we often do), we’ve learned to remove our biker gear before going inside to inquire about a room. Somehow, a gray-haired couple in T-shirts is less threatening than the same gray-haired couple in black leather jackets.

Unfortunately, the shootout at Waco just reinforces the bad biker stereotype. I’m going to keep on wearing my leathers, however. They’re the only thing between me and the hard, rough road.