Monthly Archives: February 2013

Getting Closer

Ride Minnesota got a little closer to publication today. I received the sample chapters from CreateSpace (Amazon’s self-publishing service).  The book’s interior looks much like I imagined it. The black-and-white photos also look like they’ll print well. Crisp, not muddy.

Watching the snow sift down today  and looking at the calendar, I see it’s only about a month and a half until the the “possible motorcycling season” in Minnesota. Last year, on March 17, (St. Patrick’s Day), Ralph and I rode the motorcycle north past Mille Lacs Lake and around the Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway.  It was warm–in the 60s–and most of the snow was gone. The lakes still had ice on them, however. When we rode near a lake, the air temperature  dropped about 30 degrees, and fog drifted across the road.

This photo of Hawk’s Bay on Mille Lacs didn’t make it into Ride Minnesota. It was too subtle for black-and-white presentation.