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Googling Myself

Okay, I admit it. This is work-avoidance at its most digital. I was looking up information on an attorney in Texas and decided to see what comes up these days when my name is typed into Google. I found this blog, my website, mentions about organizations I belong to, references to my out-of-print books and this review of Ride Minnesota from Trolling further, I found myself in the newsletter of the Viking Chapter of the Antique Motorcycle Club of America. It’s nice to know my PR efforts yielded some fruit.

At -1 below zero, only a true nut would ride a motorcycle today (if it would even start! Ours is up on a stand for the winter.). It’s a good day to stay close to the fire (or the radiator, in our case) with hot chocolate and a book. Preferably one on motorcycling in Minnesota…